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Months! Months since I wrote and months since it’s been cold! They kind of rhyme, don’t they? No? Alright, they don’t! It has been a cold, snowy, messy, dreary winter. I do not have enough adjectives to describe how very depressing it has been, but I am back now and so is the sunshine in my life! No, by sunshine I do not mean my husband, my son or my mom. Of course they have been shining as bright as they can even in the cloudiest of weathers, but I mean the actual sunshine from up there in the sky.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would be surprised by the colorful pics out there! They hardly seem to belong to someone who has been under a dreary, wicked, gloomy spell! But yeah, they do belong to me and nope, they haven’t exactly been reflecting my exact state of mind/mood.  So, if you have been envious, don’t be anymore!

The year 2017 had been pretty awesome. We saw eight new places, two new countries and six new places in the USA. It pretty much seemed like we were either packing or unpacking for most part of the year. But what has 2018 given me so far? Well, let’s see. We had this brunch planned with some of my husband’s old friends from work. I had this pretty new dress on and my new faux-fur jacket(faux-fur is your best shot! Warmth and style don’t otherwise go down very well together). Anyway, so we were driving towards this fancy restaurant with my little one being curious from the carseat behind while I tried to get some makeup on using the car mirror and something goes craaaaack and I realize the gum I have been chewing has engulfed a new friend in its arms, and who should this new friend be, but my poor little tooth who in all earnestness doesn’t seem to be reciprocating the love! So what do you do when you are en-route for lunch at a swanky place with people you want to make a good impression on and all you can offer is a creepy toothless smile?

If the dentist’s offices weren’t closed that fateful weekend, I would have cancelled lunch and gone straight to the reclining chair with the bright probing lights above my head. But as luck would have it, the doctor’s office was closed, my husband and child were dressed for lunch and I heard the constant buzz from hubby’s phone which I concluded could only be messages from friends saying they had arrived at the venue while I sat clutching my dear tooth. It was the most draining lunch of my life. I had to be careful not to smile too wide, which I realized I did not manage too well, when I thought I got a couple of confused glances from the friends’ wives.

Before you contrive a grotesque image of me giving you that toothless grin, before you disdain me for this stupidly ludicrous bit of truth that I have fed you, let me tell you, I did have a very expensive visit to the reclining chair and I did say hello to the incandescent lights above and I came out looking as good as new. While I think this has been my penance for all the pleasure trips I made last year, I hope I have a few good things in store this year too for I do not mind losing a tooth or two later!

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