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Have you ever tried boarding a flight with a toddler? It has its perks, wait, I think it’s perk. The only perk being, boarding right after the business class fliers. The perils however are many. Below are a few:

  • You make acquaintance with strangers who are inquiring to know why your little one hasn’t stopped crying in the past one hour. Is he sick?
  • Your little one holds in the urge to use the washroom till the moment the queue is being formed to board.
  • Once in the washroom, the damned sensor detecting water taps somehow fail to work and you hop on from one tap to another(Well to be fair, this has more to do with me than my toddler, still it’s worth mentioning! I somehow never get the angle right to turn the thing on!)

The sheer unpredictability of our little one’s behavior makes flight travel a volatile affair. We had decided we had had enough trips to last the year, but when the mountains call, you heed.

The Smoky Mountains, at Tennessee became our travel escapade quite unexpectedly. Having already visited and experienced the enchanting mountains once, my hubby’s friends who were home for dinner one night, couldn’t stop raving about the beauty of the mountains. I do not know if it was too much wine or too little patience, we had our flight booked before we called it a night.

A couple of hours’ drive from the airport, we reached our quaint little cabin at Gatlinburg. This cabin, without a doubt was the best part of our vacation. Perched atop a steep, curvy pathway, secluded from all the hum-drums of the busy town and thronging crowds, surrounded by lush green on all four sides, this little beauty sat waiting for us with such adorable simplicity and welcoming air, that I lost my heart to it at its very doorstep. We were overjoyed to find that the interior of the cabin was as heart warming as its outward appearance. With spotlessly clean, snug rooms and thoughtful knick-knacks at every corner, we were definitely right at home from the very beginning.

After a good night’s sleep and a sumptuous breakfast at a local pancake cafe(the place is overflowing with pancake cafes), we set out the next morning to explore the town of Gatlinburg. This town is surrounded by breathtaking mountains on all sides. The town is lively with numerous cafes, restaurants and shopping places. There are also a number of attractions for small children. You may need two days just to explore this town if you are traveling with children. Since our boy is way too small to witness much of the attractions or to be a part of the scary rides the town has to offer, we got away with an old McDonald farm at Pigeon Forge that he was content with. After the farm visit, we did the cable car ride which takes you up to the mountain top to feast your eyes on the magnificent mountain range, binge on some lovely homemade ice creams and brings you down safe to the town of Gatlinburg. We got so caught up with the cable car ride and planning dinner for the evening that we lost all track of time. We also forgot a certain warning we had received about being careful around our cabin since it was frequented by bears. With this warning now looming largely over our heads, we gulped down multiple cups of hot tea for fortification and made our way back to the cabin. Once parked outside the cabin, we had an awkward moment when nobody wanted to get off the car! We somehow mustered enough courage to hop into our haven safely(I did manage one too many glances over my shoulder). Now at this point one would think the worst is over, but no, not when you have a scatterbrain in tow. In a hurry to get in safely, I had forgotten my little one’s sippy cup in the car and my LO has never gone to bed without a swig from his bottle, ever. Period! I am sure there have been moments in our marriage when hubs has had to remind himself why exactly he married me, and if there have been, this one surely topped the list. Let’s just leave it to that.

We spent the next day driving through the dreamy roads, spotting elks and rare birds along. We also were very fortunate to encounter a bear and her tiny cub from the sanctuary of our van. Having had a relaxed three days stay from our monotonous everyday lives, we were already feeling refreshed. It was hard saying goodbye to our sweet little abode for the duration. Having made sure the cabin was securely locked for the next lucky guests to occupy, I couldn’t help looking back as we drove away. As the cabin got smaller and smaller and the mountains loomed large, my parting thoughts were, if mountains could talk, they would whisper verses of love!

Sharing some pics of the cabin:

 I especially loved the attention to detail with respect to the switchboards 

 And now for some Smokies


Hope you enjoyed reading, have a nice evening you all!