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You know what life is all about? I may not be the right person to provide you with insights on the secret wonders of life, but like everyone, I have my perspective on life. I think life is a mixed bag of laughter and some tears, some contentment and some greed, some sobriety and some ecstasy. Now you are just being rude! You are thinking, that’s no Einstein formula, we don’t need her to tell us that about life! You are right, but the reason I tell you this is because nobody has a perfect life. What I share on my blogs and my instagram account are just some glorious snippets of my life. We humans are a peculiar race. While we tend to share and declare our happiness to the world, we often falter from sharing the unpleasantaries that life has to offer. I am no different! 

While I have this Eureka moment at 2 am in the morning, I wonder why I am not asleep like the rest of the world(or atleast part of the world) and I comfort myself by thinking sleeping anyway is an utter waste of one’s time! There are so many things you could do if you never slept. You could read, write, watch all those splendid Netflix movies which you somehow never find the time for during the day. 

Oh wait!  There could be a teeny tiny possibility I am awake because I have been awake most nights this past week touring the sin city! Yeah, that seems right. We went to Las Vegas and I have been breaking my head on whether I should blog about Vegas at all. You ask me why? Oh you know, for what happens in Vegas kind of stays in Vegas, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s lame, I know! 

Las Vegas is a sin city in every way possible. It makes you writhe in guilt for having had too much fun, having spent too much money on gambling and having had too many martinis and margaritas. You enter the city a saint and somehow through no fault of your own, leave the city a sinner! 

With most windows in the city giving you splendid views of almost any part of the world including Paris and New York, one would not really care about not visiting these places for real. Being in Vegas somehow suffices! But we all agree Vegas isn’t Vegas for the views. However though,  the pompous luxury hotels, the eiffel tower, the extravagantly lit bright lights, the joyously dancing fountains are sights you wouldn’t dare to ignore.

I truly believe our vacation turned out so much better since we went with our best friends. We walked the streets of Vegas by the day, we watched the lovely fountains of Bellagio which go splashing and splyaing every half hour after 3 pm, by night we watched a couple of spectacular shows, we gambled a little and went clubbing a little, had trouble sleeping before 4am every night. It somehow felt wrong to be sleeping while the city was jubiliant and celebrating life.

Agreed you need not be good while in Vegas, but you can’t be so bad as to miss a tour to the Grand Canyon while you are there. So we went to the beautiful, spell-binding Grand Canyon. While the journey to the Canyon was tiring and lengthy, the end result was so fruitful. To witness such a beautiful natural wonder which one has a hard time believing isn’t man-made was wonderful. The colors of the magnificent structure are so beautiful and the terrain so intricate and yet so raw that one could gaze at it endlessly. This tour took us an entire day and we returned to our hotel drained and tired, but apparently not tired enough to pass a visit to the casino downstairs😬

You know, if you look at me closely, it is impossible to miss the outline of a halo around my head. I am quite the angel. The sweet little angel in me had me making declarations a week prior to the tour. I declared to my Mr. that Vegas wasn’t my kind of a city and I wouldn’t know what to do there. I hope we never have a conversation on who had more fun, who gambled more and who had more martinis. Forgive me god, for I have sinned 😜

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