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Birthdays and anniversaries have always been a big deal in our household. We make quite a big fuss about them. As our baby turned two this past week, what was constantly on our minds was how we would celebrate his birthday, especially since he knew the Happy Birthday song word-to-word and wouldn’t and couldn’t stop singing the moment he set his eyes on a cake or a candle or a lighter. The glee in his eyes was infectious and his smile quite an epidemic! It had to be special this time and it had to be about him completely, okay, maybe not completely, but it had to be about him in a big way(can you blame me if I enjoyed the “special celebration” as much as he did?)

We had to choose between a celebration at home with some special friends or a get-away vacation. After a great deal of listing out the pros and cons of both options, we decided on the latter. The result was quite a landslide victory, mind you! This might have been partly because of where we decided to go. The party venue was quite simply, DisneyWorld, Florida.

Now this is the point at which I am confused about the kind of blog this has to be. I do not know at this point if I must be a travel blogger or a life blogger. I will try my best to be a bit of both. The cons of a vacation at Florida with a toddler are plenty. The ones topping the list being the humidity at this time of the year and the rides you may not be able to enjoy because your toddler is too young or doesn’t meet the height limit. These being the major bottlenecks, we decided to laboriously dig in for more information for a fool-proof itinerary. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Disney has a lot to offer for preschoolers and the experience may actually be as good as visiting without a baby, if not better! And as for the humidity,  there was pretty much nothing we could do about it. We did try to stay cool by buying one of those very cute misty fans at the theme park(a very small handheld fan into which you fill water so when the air blows, it’s not just air, but it’s misty air,tada!!) and I also think we spent more on water bottles than we did on meals. Save for these minor hiccups, our vacation was nothing short of a dream come true. We had made reservations at one  of the Disney resorts for our stay, which makes your vacation quite pleasurable with free pick-up and drop off from the airport and also offers innumerable rides to the theme parks from your hotel and back. 

We mainly tried to complete two theme parks in three days. We did the Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom. While I enjoyed the Animal Kingdom more, I have a feeling hubs and Kiddo enjoyed the other better. The Kilimanjaro Safari was a clear winner at the Animal Kingdom, while the Magic Kingdom has numerous rides which would have to tussle for the winning place. Needless to say, what’s to be etched in our memories for a very long time, is the beautiful Cinderella castle which stands tall and looms gracefully from most crevices and corners at the Magic Kingdom.

While kiddo loved meeting Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, we enjoyed some of the spectacular shows Disney had to offer. We did also manage to sneak into a couple scary rides while little one took his afternoon naps. We took turns although I admit I let hubby go first with the pretence of being there for the baby if he ever woke, too ashamed to admit I was being quite the wuss. Apart from the theme parks, DisneyWorld has the beautiful “Disney Springs” which is a place for fashion and recreation. With beautiful boutiques and high-end stores, the place is colorful and vibrant with live music and throngs of very fashionably dressed people enjoying cold beers or an evening stroll. We managed to be here two days in a row, trying to rest our sore feet  with drinks and sumptuous dinner both the days. We also ordered lo’s birthday cake from a lovely French patisserie here, but you will have to see the pic of the beautiful Mickey Character cake to believe how cute it was. The packaging of the cake was so delicate and tasteful that I insisted on holding the package all the way to the room just because I felt quite elegant holding it!

Since we have treaded into my narcissistic territory, I thought I might also tell you a little about what I wore best. I wore this cute little off-shoulder dress with smocked neck finish from Abercrombie and Fitch. 

The tassel earrings being at the helm of fashion must-haves this season, were exorbitantly priced at baublebar, so I just found their cheaper version on Amazon. These red tassels fetched me quite a few compliments and I teamed them with the red bag from Zara. The adorable shoes I am wearing  are also from Zara. Since I have ranted on for quite a few pages, I do think it’s time to stop now. As they say in Disney, I hope you all have a magical week ahead(anybody find that cheesy? Found it annoying when lo was crying hoarse and this store keeper asked me to have a magical evening 🙈)

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