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What is the toughest thing you have had to do as part of growing up? It has been a while since my growing up stopped and growing old began, but THAT is not important now and neither is this that kind of a post! For me, the toughest battle has been making my own decisions. I am bad at that. There have been very few instances in my life where I have been positively sure of what I have wanted for myself without having had to grapple my way around.

Having been a member of the poetry and story writing club at school, I did enjoy writing occasionally, but as it happens, the idea to start blogging itself was not my decision. It has been a year since I started “Butterflies in my Corset” and I recently hit a thousand views, which may not be a momentous event for a few of you out there with perhaps a thousand views on an everyday basis, but believe me when I say, I had trouble sleeping that night, had the most glorious dreams when I  finally managed to doze off and woke up with the biggest smile the following morning. You will not believe the extent of torture my hubs has had to go through on account of my writing. Let’s just say each view on my stat record was followed by a phone call to hubs who desperately tried to convince me that it was not him who has been reading my blogs!

It was hard for me to believe anybody would be interested in reading my ramblings, which sometimes is too full of the weather, the flowers and  romantic nonsense(that’s just citing your opinion). Speaking of which, I keep seeing these beautiful “spring” posts and most of them usually read something like “It’s amazing how I never noticed how beautiful it has been outside” or “we never really appreciate the beauty of spring”. Frankly, I have had trouble appreciating anything else!

Although we still have cold breezy evenings, with the winter behaving like a jilted lover, refusing to fade away completely, I believe they(winter and spring) parted amicably. The world outside has been a burst of colours and taking those long walks are becoming quite a dreamy affair! Have you had trouble noticing the dry ponds fill up or the streams becoming more flowy and gurgly (yeah, they are a bunch of words I just made up). Have you had trouble noticing how the trees outside have bowed down with the sheer weight of the flowers and leaves? If you have taken no notice of these simple pleasures life has to offer, you would probably get along very well with my husband, who couldn’t care less if the trees outside turned pink, purple or even black, as long as the sun came up and didn’t forget to go down at the end of the day.

As it happens, we got into this discussion(hubs and I). He failed to understand what the big deal was. So the world outside is lush, the trees are bloomy, big deal!! I tried to talk some sense into him. This is what I said! Imagine you buy this beautiful pair of shoes or this gorgeous shirt which makes you look your handsomest! You get up excited in the morning, wanting to look your best. You put on all your new stuff, shave off your stubble carefully, splash on your best aftershave, dab on your favourite perfume but not one person notices anything new? Not one person appreciates it(not even your wife 😜). That’s perhaps how it is when the world outside offers you an endless season of beauty and you fail to notice the change. But hey, this is just my perspective. I am quite a promiscuous appreciator of beauty and nature. The next time you see me going crazy will be around fall, but who knows, all you steady minded non-appreciators may not even notice it 😜

My favourite spring pics below, have a look and dare to tell me they are not pretty!

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