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Roll your eyes all you want, but even an amateurish writer like me needs to be inspired to write. And today was an inspiration. It was the perfect dreamy day, with a light drizzle. The right kind of springy day with the leaves deciding they have waited long enough to shoot out. The day has however turned into night and I found my inspiration wavering when I decided I could be a writer later, what I needed most was sleep. So sleep we did, all day, mom and son blissfully unaware of the thunder rumbling, rain pouring and Daddy dear creeping in from a hard day at work.
All the way home from London, I kept thinking how I have tasted the forbidden fruit and how difficult it now must be to get back to a life of normalcy knowing there is a place far far away which is even better than I ever dreamed of. For once, I have so many emotions I want to write about, but know not how to begin. These past ten days have been absolutely glorious and so much more fun than I had fathomed. Our boy was at his best behavior and the sun shone most days as if it knew how much it meant for us to have that perfect holiday.
London to me seemed like a city at celebration. A city so classy and old and big, I definitely anticipated it to be busy, but the vibrance of the city took my breath away. While parts of the city seemed to be celebrating the past with its majestic beautiful architecture, certain other seemed to be celebrating the current season with its modern yet beautiful buildings and structures. The new and old blend beautifully and no matter where you go, there are throngs of people trying to get a glimpse of good old London, the city which has something to offer for everyone. 
Often enough, we have heard of the phrase opposites attract and in most cases this is used keeping in mind certain couples who get along like a house on fire despite the different tastes and ideas and interests they share. We are NOT one such couple! We have the same tastes, the same interests, same opinions. While I sometimes think I have been lucky enough to marry my soulmate, there are days when he drives me crazy and I cannot believe I married someone who gives me the perfect reason to believe that football perhaps is far more important in this household than I am. While I have made my peace with it and moved on, I cannot shrug off the feeling that I am turning into quite an Arsenal fan myself and I almost loathed myself for wanting to go to an Arsenal match at the Emirates stadium(Couples who live together do sometimes look and behave similar!). We were however skeptical about taking our toddler to the stadium(it didn’t help that our LO says Arseeenall the moment he sees the logo). Mum and son went to Oxford street with a good friend while Daddy watched Arsenal draw with ManCity. Oxford street offered sights which one may otherwise only witness at a fashion week ramp. No matter what other parts of London celebrate, Oxford street definitely celebrates fashion and nothing but fashion.
To be in London and not do the hop-on/hop-off bus tour is unthinkable. The bus tour was my favorite part of the holiday since it took us to places I had always wanted to visit. The Big Ben and St.Paul’s Cathedral were some of my favorite tours. After four days in London, we moved on to witness the beauty of Edinburgh. While hubby was still dazed from the disbelief of having watched Mr. Wenger at the stadium, I allowed myself to be blown away by the picturesque city. Not knowing where to look and what sights to capture on camera, we just walked and walked, feasting our eyes on the beautiful castle, the lovely landscape, the grey looming towers. If London had made my heart ache with its prettiness, Edinburgh had it pounding.
We finished our ten day tour with a relaxed stay at the Cotswolds. A quintessential part of rural England, the Cotswolds charms all with it’s pretty little stone cottages, the colorful landscapes, the lazily flowing streams, the grazing cattle and it’s pure unspoiled ways. We were lucky to have had our accommodation booking at one of the best inns in the area and I am honest when I say I have never tasted cheese so good or meals so tasty ever before. The snug little inn had the coziest rooms, the most charming dining area and such a welcoming atmosphere. One of the highlights of our stay here was a visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace at Stratford-upon-avon with his home of birth standing proud boasting of its notoriously famous occupant, putting the rest of the houses beside it to shame. 
I do not know if it was too much Shakespeare or too much Ale, our journey back to the inn has definitely been the most unforgettable part of our holiday. Having had our rental car break down, we boarded one of the non-frequent village buses to take us half way through to our inn. About an hour of having boarded off from the bus, we realized we had left our bag with both our phones and ipad on the bus. Left almost technologically handicapped, we turned to the nearest library for help. We will never forget the good old librarians who helped us track the bus route even when it was almost past the library closing time. I will not deny that I had floating images of a certain new red phone making its way into my heart while we waited with bated breath for the bus to return on it’s last ride for the day. But alas, my dream of a brand new phone was shattered when the driver with a glint in his eye, reached out to hand over the bag safely tucked beneath his seat. This little gesture from the old ladies at the library and the driver gave the perfect finishing touches to our perfect little holiday.
Cotswold with it’s unspoiled ways won our hearts and I ended the day slipping a little Thank You note to the old ladies at the library beneath the door. It’s usually not so much how beautiful a place is, it’s how the people are.

Some pics from the holiday below. Find me on instagram by clicking here

Shakespeare’s birthplace 

Our holiday inn