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Okay, give this a thought. Have you ever noticed the circumstances under which you set yourself certain rules, resolutions to abide by? Aren’t they mostly when you are overtly overzealous or when you are miserably underwhelmed? Seriously, think about it. You are happy, happy that something you dreamt of came true. What do you do next? You make up your mind to do better, you dare to dream bigger, you let your docile self be pulled into a world of happy dreams and before you know it, you are working hard, playing by the rules you subconsciously set. What if unfortunately it has not been your day or even your week/month? You are a complete mess and desperately want a way out? Even when you are depressed and lying somewhere in a drunken stupor, you may decide to put an end to the misery and strive for a better future, thinking to yourself that things can only get better now, the worst is over. You make a plan, you play by the rules, you dream, you dream big.

We all have dreams, big and small. While a few may remain unfulfilled and broken, a few dreams do come true. I have always been one to dream and have always had trouble letting go of dreams I nurtured, cherished and lovingly held close to my heart. 

Sometimes the dream is so alluring that you set pretty unrealistic rules and  you have a hard time relenting to its failure to conjure. Not too long ago, I set myself such rules too. The dream of having the perfect toddler was too hard to resist. I set rules upon rules. A rule never to play video rhymes, a rule never to bribe him into eating, a rule never to scare him into eating. Our little tyke enjoys his YouTube time so much that I never have the heart to say No to him especially when it makes him sway to his own version of eee-ya-eeeya-ooo. I am also sligtly guilty of how our little one is a tad scared of the vacuum cleaner and how the closet door holding this vacuum cleaner is always slightly ajar right around lunch time!! So many rules broken! Yet, you don’t feel so bad when such dreams don’t really come true, because somewhere along, you always knew these rules were meant to be so.

There was this dream though! A dream to visit this land far far away. This land of love, class and so much history. The land of Jane Austen. To experience the romanticism of romance itself, to walk through the pretty streets where the favorite characters from my books were seemingly once drawn by carriages. To experience the wuthering grey weather, to visit the abbeys, the towers, the cathedrals. These were the dreams, my London Dreams. Needless to say, I had rules here too. To remain undaunted until fulfilled. A rule to have the first big flight abroad to London and nowhere else. I did realize this dream half way through when my flight to the USA had me transit via London, but I am sure you would agree it’s not the same thing 🙈.Today though, my one big tease of a dream is on the brink of being fulfilled. I am not one who usually posts of a travel even before it begins, but what the heck, I am not one who usually goes to London either!

A very happy OOTD with my boarding pass being the main focus here. For those of you wondering, I am not traveling alone. It’s just that I couldn’t lay my hands on Hubby’s pass. I am choosing to be oblivious of a very fascinating cringe fest he is currently attending. It’s not my fault I wasnt invited! 

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