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Guilty!! Extremely shamefully guilty of neglecting my writing. This is my first post of the year! I have been so busy and so occupied. Do they mean the same thing? It has been one crazy month. My little one has gotten naughtier and I have gotten to be a busier mum. Parenting is hard at times. It can be exhausting being on the watch constantly. I have been yearning some free time, so much that my mind just wandered tonight while I was fixing us some dinner. I let myself wander through the familiar streets of my hometown, smelling the familiar smells from mum’s kitchen only to realise hours later that the dish with my veggies lay on the kitchen counter untouched,uncooked while I opened my pressure cooker to a dish of just water in it! No kidding! 

This past month has been monotonous. Hubby has been away a lot and little one and I have been keeping each other company which has been a trying experience. I have often in this past month thought to myself if I can be medically declared sane. We so often just go with the flow and forget to stop and think if we are doing the right thing, if we are making a difference. No matter how monotonous, it’s important to show we care!

Something funny happened since I last wrote. We were up for an annual health check-up and I got some regular tests done. When it comes to doctors, I must admit, I turn quite reverential. I become quite timid and squeaky. Let’s just say it’s out of respect and NOT fear, mind you! But come on, what kind of a doctor says see you soon at the end of a Pap test?  It might just be a monotonous day for her, but come on!! Some people are really really nervous. I kept replaying the ‘see you soon’ tone in my mind to try and figure if it was a habitual end to the conversation or if there was something unsavory about my test. It was one of the toughest weeks I have had in my life. Every beep of the new  mail in the inbox sent a cold shiver down my spine. 

Speaking of monotone, it’s good to sometimes break away from it. Don’t you think? I have been in a never ending debate with myself trying to decide if breaking away from the monotone would make one a phony? What do you think of it? Let me tell you how. I am all about embracing the change, but would you like a change you weren’t really comfortable with? 

Now just wait and watch how I relate this theory to my wardrobe😂. I can never pretend to be comfortable in something I don’t believe in. I am not the leather jacket type you know! I never was until I laid my eyes on this beautiful BLANKNYC leather jacket. I had it on my wishlist for so long that I could win an award for a product to be on a wishlist for the longest duration ever, if there ever was one such category. I finally caved in and bought me this beauty. And what do you know? There’s absolutely no phoniness while I have it on. I mean, I would like to think I ooze out the edgy vibe even while I have it on with my seat belt safely secured(leather jacket doesn’t always have to mean carefree and irresponsible). 

Anyway, I have had it on a couple of times, but haven’t got the perfect pic yet for an ootd post. Promise to have it by this weekend. Looking forward to a warm cozy weekend, while we waltz towards a lovey dovey love week. Happy Valentine week ahead lovelies!! Hope you all have abundant love in your lives, because love alone is as real as it is intangible.

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