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I tried to sober down and act my age when I realized the white speck on my eyebrow was actually a grey hair! Up until that moment, all I could think of was what I would wear for my Birthday or where we would eat, I had not really begun to combat the fear of ageing, but the grey hair had me thinking.

I still have a couple of hours before my Birthday ends. I have had some crazy Birthdays and some nice ones. There was this particular Year when we made a pact not to gift each other(Hubby and I). He wished me at 12’o clock, and I found him empty handed. I went to the kitchen with the pretence of drinking water(thinking he may need time to fish out my gift and place it under the pillow). Thank goodness he knew me too well and had not taken the pact seriously. To this day I deny rummaging through the pillowcase with a purpose(I couldn’t pull off the “accidental” discovery of the gift🙈).

This year was special with our little one getting as far as saying ‘Happy’ in wishing me a Happy Birthday. The weather was thankfully in tandem with my prayers and turned Chiberia into a pleasant place for the day. Chicago had one of the warmest days in a long time and we went out jacket-less!! 

A picture from earlier today, bless LOFT for making Petite clothes, I had given up hopes on finding a pencil skirt that fit me right. 

Hope you all had a merry Christmas. Wish you all a super duper 2017❤❤

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