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Do you have a fall-back thing to fall back on everytime you need a little lift me up? It’s fair to say that more often than not,  we need a little hug, a little encouragement, a little something to make us feel better, to forget the unpleasantness that lurks in every corner of the world. It’s impossible to have a life where there are only happy moments. I am sure you have your thing that lets you unwind, mine is quite simply watching Friends. Yes the same in which Joey cant stop flirting, Monica cant stop being neurotic, Rachel cant stop being pretty, Phoebe can’t be normal, Ross can’t stay away from a divorce and Chandler can’t stop being sarcastic. You think that’s very 90s? It’s old and done with? It’s a falsehood where they are contriving a life of only laughs? Maybe! You could be right, but I don’t care. It works for me. 

The six have stuck with me from a long long time. Attempts were made in the past to break our relationship. People close to me felt jilted when they discovered my proximity to the six I was committed to. But we got past that and I got busy building my own life away from the virtual one I lived with the six. Yet, they comfort me even now. I am always midway through my Friends reruns any day of the year, any year of my life. 

Only yesterday I watched the episode where Chandler and Joey take Ben out in an attempt to appear cute to the opposite sex. This got me thinking. Do you ladies out there find a man with babies extremely cute? I have asked myself the very question and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. I have only so far seen husbands and wives with their babies and that’s pretty much an everyday occurrence. Maybe it’s the men with the babies sans the wives which earns the cute points. I really have got to pay attention when I go mall trotting. But at the  same time I wonder, have I noticed hubby being far too pleased with himself everytime he goes out with our little boy on his own? Man!! I have got to pay attention! 

While we have the man-issue sorted, isn’t it unfair that a woman with a baby just about fetches the opposite reaction? I am not being a remonstrant mum, but the truth is, the moment a mum is out with her baby, the world wakes up to the fact that babies are cuteness personified!

The world is certainly a funny place. While I give you this debatable topic to think about,click here for my latest instagram pic with my little one who is blissfully unaware of the kind of world he is growing up in. He doesn’t care whether the world thinks him cute or not, all he cares about at the moment is chomping on that straw. Our LO is such a brat when nobody is watching him. It’s nothing short of a miracle that we got through this meal without having the plates broken. When we have company though, he is close to perfection. He is so perfect that he sets all scrutiny at defiance. Now that’s what I call being cute, don’t you?