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I feel blue! It’s not a post where I bombard you with pictures of me wearing blue and smiling like a maniac. Frankly, I might as well say I feel black! It’s the withdrawal symptom of too much Black Friday shopping. For the past week or so, I have been behaving like a woman possessed! Possessed by a devil who not only wore high-end Prada, but dint mind wearing anything as long as it came at a good discounted price 😬

I always pride myself in taking the bad news first and the good later. I savor my desserts at the very end of my meal, I am not one to rush through my main course to get to the dessert. I am a patient woman. This year though my poor baby witnessed a mama who checked her promotions folder far too many times a day than necessary, a mama who was mentally calculating which store got her the best deals all through the day. Let’s just say our little one has bonded better with his father, finding mama a little too busy staring into space.

Checking multiple sites got me so exhausted that we din’t actually step out for the big black Friday shopping at all. It doesn’t really matter whether there is a deal or not, if you want to shop, you shop. Monday to Sunday, be it black, red or yellow! Before you start feeling too sorry for me, let me tell you,I did manage to bag in a couple of amazing online deals on some cozy sweaters and winter wear for my little munchkin.

Hope you all got some amazing new finds too.

I should hopefully be back soon with a new post feeling blue again, only next time though, definitely wearing the blue sweater which the tracking site says is on its way!!!

Have a lovely Sunday😊

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