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I woke up this morning with an unimaginable fervor to write. Yes, we all need to do this, find a source of inspiration and I have kind of found mine. No it’s not coffee, its my window!! I have this trick of keeping the blinds slightly open, at the right angle,so that you are able to see from the inside, but it appears shut from the out. Why do I need them open?? Well, it’s a long story, but who is in a hurry,right? So I like seeing the planes fly by in the night!! I sound like an eight year old? I feared it!! But wait till you judge me with all the prejudice of childishness.

When I was a kid, and there was the sound of an aircraft flying by, we ran to the backyard to get a glimpse of the tiny dot up in the air and when I say we, I mean my parents too. No, I was not born in an age when aviation was new, ain’t that old! No, I do not belong to an underdeveloped nation either, but airplanes in the sky wasn’t really a common occurrence then. It’s funny how we got to say hello to our neighbors at such occasions when they got to their respective backyards or porches too. Okay, before you convict me of going astray,let me come right back to what I am trying to mean here. I think it makes me smile,it makes me happy, excited and grateful all at once when I see planes fly by one after the other. It makes me smile when I dwell a little in the past, and I think to myself, thats not something I had imagined when I was a kid. I had never thought I would have a window which would give me such splendid views night after night.

Anyway, so what got me inspired in the morning is the the damned view again. Pardon the profanity, but really, damn the view! How can one remain calm when one has such a lovely view? L.M. Montgomery said, she was glad she lived in a world where there were Octobers! and boy!! do I know what she means!! Our room is a burst of red in the mornings and may this sweet little tree by our window be the absolute last tree in the world this fall to have its pretty little leaves wither off.

With this overwhelming prettiness all around us, we are heading to a beautiful city on a mini vacation this weekend which they say isn’t too bad for a fall visit☺️. I shall not tell you where it is as yet, let’s just say it’s not too far away, perhaps the perfect place to start off what we hope is the beginning of a series of vacations 😉. The weather being a lot warmer there than it is here, I think I might have to redo my packing and pull out the sweaters from the suitcase(No,it’s not california😜 and yes, I do have a couple of tempting knit wears to choose from). Wait till my next post for pictures of the place and of what I finally hope to make up my mind on wearing!! Until then, have a fab weekend you gorgeous people❤️.

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Here is a pic of that tree I have been raving about,