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What are your two absolute favorite fall things? This being our second fall here, we paid a visit to the pumpkin patch and did some apple picking. I enjoyed both as much as the little one did and I must say fall is fast becoming my favorite.

When you have a toddler, one of the advantages is being able to go on the fun rides with your little one,pretending he doesn’t  sit on the rides without you šŸ˜‚. While we were trying to decide what ride would be the safest for the LO at the pumpkin farm, our boy kept running to the carousel giving it adoring looks. Once on the ride though, he sat for one round of the carousel and for the next, the horse rode alone! šŸ˜† Daddy who had bolstered our way up,behaved like he din’t know who we were šŸ˜. 

This month has been good and it certainly looks like it’s going to get better. We have some jolly trips planned ahead and some cozy sweaters to snuggle into. Although a part of me is holding onto summer a tad tighter than usual, a teeny tiny part is already dreaming about how beautiful the winter is going to be. I have some exciting new books stacked up to keep me company through the winter, I just hope they suffice and winter seems easy breezy while my books last.

So apart from the field trips, we also went to the Botanic Garden this past weekend. It’s so close home that all our friends who come visiting are not allowed to leave Chicago without a guided tour to this place. We take pride in showing them around. Of all the times we have been here, this October visit has been the prettiest. The garden looks postcard worthy. 

Here is a pic of me from the garden, I couldn’t stop drooling at the beautiful blend of colors. Let me know what you think of it.

I am wearing turtleneck sweater from Old Navy(a winter weakness I cannot shrug off of- the turtleneck)

Leggings from Zara

The green bag to add a pop of color is from Zara

And my good old Cathy Jean boots

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