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Okay, so let’s be honest here. Go over to your kitchen and stand facing the fridge. No, I do not want you to open the freezer and ogle at the ice cream! Just look at those fridge magnets and tell me how many of those places you have been to? All of them? Niceee!! You are honest, pat yourself on the back. And the others who have that sheepish smile on, that’s okay!! Those were gifts from good natured friends, or those magnets are actually bottle openers, right? So, u aren’t completely lying. What about me you think? Well, my fridge never drew covetous glances from anyone. I just had two magnets up there, one was from Holland(a place in neighboring Michigan😬) which my little tyke promptly broke. I would not have corrected anyone who thought I had been to the Holland in Europe 😬😬. What?? Come on, technically that’s not lying. The other one is actually a bottle opener, it’s up there to serve a purpose!

Okay, let’s keep the honesty game on yet. Have you ever bought a souvenir to remember a place by,even if you were only transiting through the particular airport? 😬😬😬 so I have this little planner/notepad which says “I was at Paris”. Too tacky?? Frankly now, contrary to what my hubby thinks, I did not buy it for what it said, I always always carry a small notepad and a pen in my bag. You think that’s oldschool? Well, maybe!! But I do like jotting things down when I am on the move. So, when I was transiting through Paris years ago, and had a little time on my hands when I was done miserably trying to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower from all the windows, I noticed to my horror that I had left my notepad behind and that’s when I made the prestigious purchase. A little flaunting hurt no one anyway. 

What got me to write this post is my abject state from not being able to flaunt my new sweater! I have this adorable sweater from LOFT which I can barely wait to put on. A week ago, it looked like we would have to skip the sweater weather and  go straight to the jackets. I know I should have waited given the ever so capricious weather here. Hubby found me gawking and floundering my way through the sweater section at the store and finally gave me the go ahead. It has been hot ever since!! I do nothing more than give longing looks to the sweater lying in the closet. I promise it will be out soon! In the meantime, have a look at what I wore today while the sun shone bright and I went places(just to the nearby grocery store 😜). 

The top is from H&M

Sunglasses from Nordstrom 

Pants from Chemistry-India

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