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The ‘Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho in a strange way changed my life. I remember reading it a day before my big presentation at work(I was reading a book instead of preparing for the presentation). That’s because weirdly, getting too involved in things I get nervous about, have a history of getting jinxed. So in order not to jinx my important days, I pretend not to be bothered about them. I have an exam tomorrow, you will find me watching a movie today. I have to deliver a baby tomorrow, you will find me calmly reading a book. The calm is a facade, deep down(you won’t even have to go too deep), I am a messy wreck, so nervous that one could start a butterfly sanctuary with the number of them in my tummy. To calm my nerves which were adept at taking leaps and lunges like Simone Biles that particular evening, I began reading the Alchemist. Something just clicked. It helped me see life with a fresh perspective, helped me brave the storm and I became an overnight fan of Paulo Coelho. I tweeted Paulo Coelho after my presentation(which obviously got buried with the million other tweets he receives everyday). I owed him in a big way for how the presentation turned out and also for so many good things which I was sure would come my way.

His words make me see life with a new kind of wonderment, a new light. One of his books has a very interesting story in it, which never ceases to amaze me every time I think of it. He says there was a King whose subjects began going mad after drinking the water from a well which was contaminated. There came a day when everybody in the kingdom had gone mad. Only the King and the Queen remained sane. Alas, what is the use of a sane King who needs to run a mad empire? What do you think happened next? The King drank the water from the well because he believed that was the only way he could serve his people well, the only way his world could somehow make sense. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, a collective thought is often deemed right. Collective madness is often called Sanity.

The world of fashion is a little like our King’s story. There is a norm one is expected to follow to be fashionable. No, I am not calling it a farce. It’s just how the world functions and like the King’s sacrifice, there is no harm in giving in to the temptation to have your life make sense😊. While the world was going crazy about the off-shoulder style this Summer, I waited till I could take it no longer to plunge into the bandwagon of lost shoulders. So here I am being a part of the collective madness in my new cold shoulder top. Just let me know how mad you think I actually am☺️.

 Have a lovely Sunday and a lovelier week ahead you guys!

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