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Have you ever been so obsessed with something that it becomes a menace to the people around you? I have been at both the giving and the receiving ends of this kind of obsession. Let’s begin with the receiving end first. Hubby here is a sports fanatic, sometimes I wonder if he would realize if I just left the room(or even the apartment) while one of his matches is on. Each year on our marriage anniversary, he remembers the match that he missed the day we got married. He remembers when my mum had kidney stone and had to be taken to the hospital and he missed an important match(did I hear you chuckle?)! Now with the Olympics on, the tv, phones, tablets are all on the brink of choking with Rio images and I am writing this post on borrowed time(he wants my device too). No, it’s not funny and yes it is a menace.

I had this kind of obsession too. I had caught the reading bug. I always slept with a book beside me, woke up to read the book, went to sleep having read the book, my text books concealed my current reads and I took suspiciously long hours finishing up my toiletries. I was eventually caught and threatened mercilessly, the threats vaguely bordering on withdrawal of funds for future books to be bought(I was not one to give in to fears and never renunciated my position as troublemaker). This was years ago, and although I love reading as much as I did then, somehow there isn’t enough time. I will tell you why.

So having gone late to bed because of the Olympics, someone at home thrust all the phone chargers into their bag in a hurry to get to work. I realized all the devices showed up ‘low battery’ and not too long after that, went completely dead. What do you think happened then? Nope, I did not panic, I just spent a blissful day with my book and reprimanded my obstinate self for having neglected my old best friend for some new ones. I consciously want to make an effort now to stay away from my phone. Would you all dare to do it? The transition could be bumpy, but would surely be worth a try.

Speaking of transitions, looks like it’s time to enjoy summer while it lasts. It is almost time for me to dig out my boots from the closet. It will be our first Fall at Chicago, and I cannot wait for the colorful foliage to paint my days a tad brighter! 

A pic from earlier today, I said hello to my jeans after a while.

I am wearing 

Jeans : Abercrombie and Fitch 

Tank Top – TargetStyle

Shoes & Sunglasses – Guess

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