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What’s your current read? I am reading ‘The Moonstone’ by Wilkie Collins. It’s a delicious classic mystery about this huge diamond which gets stolen. It’s so good that I cannot wait for the little one to take his daily naps 😬. You are judging me now, aren’t you? Come on, I am allowed a few pleasures!! 

So while I was reading this book, I had an unexpected epiphany! I love mysteries!! Only after a heart wrenching, fuzzy, mushy romance of course! I loved how especially in this book, there is a surprise element at the end of almost each chapter. I looove surprises!! So tell me, have you met someone who is a dunce at giving anyone anything even remotely surprising? Duh!! You haven’t met me! I cannot, for the life of me figure out how to give little surprises to anyone but my mom every first of April! And I have a strong hunch that she either pretends to be surprised or is a bigger fool than I am. 

I order something great for anniversaries or birthdays and I simply cannot pretend! I smile way too much, I flutter my eyes way too often and ultimately the cat is out of the bag with the screechiest meow one ever heard! I ordered my hubby a birthday gift, took great pains to edit the credit card details on Amazon, but forgot to edit the confirmation notification phone number! Yeah I know!! I know! He, on the other hand never ever ceases to surprise me. And what’s worse, it need not be an occasion too! 

So we went out today and found this cute little package awaiting us when we got back. I look at him, and he has the straight-est of faces. Ohh it’s so infuriating! He never lets the cat out you know! You would think the cat is smothered to death or something! Anyway, so I open the package and surprise surprise, it’s a pack of macaroons shipped all the way from New Jersey! Because apparently they make the best ones there!! And yeah he smiled when I smiled. I had told him how I hadn’t tasted them macaroons before. 

So here are a few pics, you would think I am smiling way too much after the surprise package arrived, funnily this was before I got it, so just imagine how it must have been after!! 😝

Hope you all had a nice mushy weekend!!

I am wearing :

Shorts – American eagle 

top – rue 21

shoes – guess

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