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I wonder if we are slowly, unknowingly getting sucked into the ‘I want more’ mayhem as a mankind. Do you remember the last time you were completely, blissfully happy with something you got or bought? Humph!!! That little thinking taking more time than you thought it would eh?

I do not know how or when it all began, the feeling crept in inconspicuously. I just know I used to be different. I remember being at school and being supremely restless all day long, because Dad was coming home with our new car. I rushed home and couldn’t contain my excitement at seeing the little beauty. You know what I did after that? I fetched a blanket and a book and made the new car my abode for the evening. I dint step out till it was dinner time and mom got into an abominable preaching session with dad on how he had pampered me into becoming a frivolous person(that was just her opinion back then, I am very dependable now!).

Small things made us happy, din’t they? Like watching a movie after school at the big movie hall, eating masala dosa at the famous restaurant(at East End for those of you who know), buying a copy of the latest Nancy Drew, getting a phone connection for the first time(I memorized our phone number right away and nonchalantly gave it to all my friends at school the next day, behaving like it was no big deal at all). Now don’t get me wrong! I am not saying I don’t feel happy or content anymore, I do, but somehow it isn’t the same, is it? 

I buy a nice pair of shoes, and I am already thinking what other colors I need them in. I order something online, but always, yes always end up getting it exchanged(and while I am at the store, I may as well buy something else too!!) There is this unquenchable desire for more. Is that good or bad? Some would say it’s good to want more, it keeps you going, it makes you ambitious, but isn’t it also good to sometimes be content with what you have?

Well just so you don’t think I am made of some kind of stone, there are things that make me supremely happy even now. While man is incorrigible on some accounts, thank god for love that is still abundant in the world. Nothing has changed in the way a mother feels when her baby takes his first tiny steps. My boy walked for the first time, and I am sorry I cannot even begin to tell you how that felt. They say LOVE is an abstract feeling, it’s just an idea without a physical existence. I would say, they are wrong! There is nothing more concrete in this world than LOVE.

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