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Do you know the perils of buying a pair of shoes that don’t fit you well? I do. There was a time when I believed that we are who we are for what we believe in, from the sort of experiences we we have had in the past. I still believe in it, firmly so! Let me not give rise to conjectures here, this post is not to make you believe in yourself. It’s only about trusting yourself to always, always buy your shoes in the right size.

I have freakishly small feet. Not one of your problems huh? Good for you. Now for those of you who identify with me, I empathize. So what do we do about this little situation we have here? Do we size up and try to fill in the spaces with those funny in-soles as they call it? I would say No! I have tried them in the past, and they weren’t helpful at all. It’s better to actually buy shoes from the kid’s department than try out crazy adjustments and have your money wasted.

I am a virtuous girl! I try not to make the same mistake twice. I always learn from my mistakes. So here’s what I learnt. This happened to me in the summer of 2002. I had enrolled myself in a course that demanded everyday attendance. Now these classes being held in a town about an hour’s drive from home, Dad decided I should take the local bus everyday. The overprotective dad that he was, his qualms of sending his precious daughter unchaperoned were settled when he realized his friend’s son was enrolled in the course too. It was decided we were to commute together. Now most of the new classes that I attended always demanded new shopping. Now do not forget what I told you about my feet, I seldom find shoes that fit me right, and it was no different when we shopped for my new classes. I found myself a hideous pair of ill fitting clunky heeled slippers.

Before I proceed, please bear in mind that I come from a place known for its winding, hilly roads and pathways. Okay so now let’s move on. After having finished our classes a little early this particular day, my friend and I boarded off the bus and started walking towards home. I had worn my new heels and it being a hot day, I was feeling a little uncomfortable walking in my ill fitted shoes with my feet getting a little sweaty. We got into a very important discussion on one of the mathematical theorems that had to be proven as homework that day and right at this point in time, we came to a path which was really really steep and had to be walked down to get to the road leading home. Now right when we got here, I realized my thoughts had moved from math theorem to inertia in Physics. There was no way my new slippers would allow me to walk slow, or stop walking altogether. I simply had no control over my feet and all I could do to save grace and not fall was just run down the path while the poor fellow was still not finished lamenting about our little math problem. Once down at the bottom of the path, I quickly decided the best thing to do was to remain calm and behave like the little sprint never happened.

Now to this very day, when I meet this friend of mine, I see that glint in his eye when I say hello. I am sure he thinks oh, here’s the little weirdo who left me talking to myself while she decided to have a little run 😂. There! So now you know the story. From that day on, I truly tried to buy shoes the right size. I just remembered this little incident when I wore my new wedges yesterday, they fit me beautifully and believe me when I say it’s a rarity. A pic of me from last evening, let me know what you think of it and of the story that I just shared 😊. Have a fun Friday you all. 

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