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I wasn’t always sure that I wanted a baby. What? Shocked at the sheer blasphemy of my thoughts? It’s not because I was career oriented. No, I could have managed my career and my baby just fine. It’s not because I wanted to travel the world and thought a baby would be an unnecessary baggage. I am still going to travel the world, maybe I will have him see the world with us. It’s only because sometimes loving a person way too much is exhausting. Do you ever feel that way?  I knew I would get obsessed, knew I would love way too much, knew I would get fiercely protective. We went ahead, had a baby anyway and I am all of that that I just mentioned. I obsess, I am neurotic, but it has been the best experience of my life. It’s the best role I play, playing mother. 

We dint have the best of beginnings, but we dallied our way through. We completed a year on the sixth of this month. From the moment he was born to this very second my dominant thoughts have been of my baby boy. I have been  reminiscing the day he was born. Have you had people tell you that the best day of their lives was when their baby was born? I had heard it so many times in the past and I had always had such a horrendous time trying not to roll my eyes when I heard such statements being made. Yes, that’s the reaction I had always wanted to give, but couldn’t. I thought it was being a little melodramatic you know. Now hold it! Please keep your eyes where they are, I think I know what they mean😬😬. I have relived that moment so many times and it always puts the widest smile on my face.

Having flown from India during the sixth month of my pregnancy, we were a little too late to have an ultrasound done and so, did not know the sex of the baby. I was sure though! I was a hundred percent sure that it was a girl. I wanted a girl, a girl who would ask for my opinion on what to wear for a party, a girl who would come to me with her troubles, a girl who would read all my Enid Blyton books and tell me Malory Towers was her all-time favorite! Hell yes, I wanted a girl. I cooed at my girl, cajoled her all through my pregnancy and when the delivery date closed in and I had to undergo a C-Section, the doctors and hubby made a pact. The plan was for hubby to see the baby first and make an announcement of the baby’s sex. I knew by the look on his face! It went from being shocked to pleased. It kind of said, to hell with your books, I don’t care, we have a boy! And so our boy arrived and from the moment I laid my eyes on him, I knew I wouldn’t part with him for a million girls. 

When I began to blog, I promised it would be about all things pretty! And babies are beyond just pretty, babies are divine! Before I finish, let me tell you something funny. If you see me with my little boy, it would be hard to fathom he is mine😬. Noooo, I don’t mean I look that young 😌, it’s just that I am of a very small frame, 5 feet-ish(I remain undaunted while I see my hubby smirk, a story for another day!) and our boy was a little on the chubby side when he was born and you know what the doctors asked me when they saw him? And I quote “Honey, how on earth have you been hiding him in there for so long?”

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