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I have been one of the busiest girls in the whole of Chicago Northshore! I really really have. My little boy turned 1 and looks like we haven’t stopped celebrating still ☺️ albeit the little one knows not what we celebrate! 

Hubby and I have been playing hosts and have been revisiting exciting places nearby and exploring some new places too. Let me confess to bring me absolution. I haven’t blogged in a while because I couldn’t play the ootd blogger while playing host 😜. Interestingly,  my fashion photographer couldn’t multi-task either 😉 

I  read this interesting line recently ‘Each time one loves, is the only time one has ever loved’. And in the same way, every time I go to a beautiful place, I feel there is no better place in the world and I leave behind a teeny tiny piece of my heart. We explored Lake Geneva in Wisconsin yesterday and I am so glad we did. We had been meaning to visit the place from a long time, and with guests at home we got the perfect excuse to pack our little picnic and  get going. 

An hour’s drive from home, Lake Geneva is in the state of Wisconsin and is the perfect little place for a weekend getaway. The charming little place had people galore with a wedding being held at the venue too. The beautiful lake has cruise, speed boats and other recreations you can choose from and all the gears are readily available for rent. For those of you who don’t usually feel very adventurous, you could just lay by the beach and get as tanned as you wish.

We being a ravenous bunch devoured our little picnic in no time and lunched at a beautiful restaurant by the street overlooking the lake, so there is plenty to choose from when it comes to eateries/restaurants too. Clothed and fed to my liking, I simply loved our little weekend tour. Here are some pics of the place and of me with a little boho style going. Let me know what you think of it and have a lovely week ahead you super gorgeous people!! 


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