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Have you ever unexpectedly stumbled upon a place and then grown to love the place so much that you wouldn’t mind getting lost there forever? Know what? I think I found that place. I stumbled, got bruised and I don’t think I want the scar to heal, ever. 

What a perfectly exquisite day I had! I believe that a day which starts happy ends happy. Not only did Novak win his first French Open title today, I fell in love with an enchanting place too. It just kept getting better and better.

I went to the beautiful town of Glencoe and feasted my eyes on the lovely Glencoe beach. To have lived just about 20 minutes away from it all these months and not having gone there earlier!!! Yes, yes I kicked myself hard. We started to the beach in the afternoon. Well I would have loved to have gone sooner, but when you have a little brat who unpacks his diaper bag a million times the moment Mommy falters her attention, morning becomes noon. Mommy also got a little creative today and thought the diaper bag could be the perfect replacement for a beach tote(Not joking!! Had my sunscreen, sunglasses and hat in the little one’s bag).

Anyway, the town of Glencoe has some of the most beautiful houses I have ever laid my eyes on. So, even before you actually get to the beach, you smell that perfect romance brewing. And once you reach this little hilltop from where you get the beautiful view of the beach below, the brewing romance brims over and becomes an epic love story. 

Being a sucker for beauty and romance, people don’t usually believe me when I say how lovely something is. In fact, some people think I find beauty even in a dump truck which comes by every few days 😏. So you guys just go ahead and take a look at these pics yourselves and tell me if you don’t agree with me. Back at home now, finishing up this post, you know what would be perfect? If I dint have to head to the kitchen to cook dinner, and could just order in some food. But I already did that last night(sigh!!!). I wish you all a perfect end to your lovely Sunday and I hope some of you found that perfect romance too, in the form of an amazing place or otherwise☺️

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