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With the long weekend finally being here, I gave my weary bones a break on Saturday and had hubby take care of the bumblebee a little more than usual. So yesterday was the day we just stayed in. Now as we spent the day lazing around we got into a discussion. The discussion started off with an innocent question as to why I always planned ahead on what outfit to wear and how to wear it. I din’t have a convincing answer to give.

For as long as I can remember now, I have been planning my outfits ahead.  I am sure most of you do too, and there is nothing unfathomable there. A lot of us know what we want to wear. Some people just find it too hard to understand 😜. I remember this time eons ago, the little girl that I was, I still knew the exact shade of powder blue my lehenga had to be in for a cousin’s wedding. There was no store left unvisited by Daddy and his little girl, but alas, I had to make do with some drab piece of clothing that I loathed, which made me look hideous in the wedding album. Too much vanity in a girl so young eh? Well now I wouldn’t call it vanity, it’s not too vain wanting to look nice, is it now?  Please say it isn’t so. Pretty please 😝. I would call it knowing your mind and being organised. Yes that’s the smile hubby had on too. Yes yes, hold it there, yeah the same wry smile. I wish I knew what it meant 😜.

Anyway, this was the dress I planned ahead and wore today. The shift dress with the stripes and the white sneakers was my way of saying ‘Hello Summer, I am glad you are here’.  Let me know what you think of it and have a great end to the Memorial Day weekend you all!!

Wore this little dress to lunch. Dressed it up a little with the statement necklace.


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