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What do you wear when you have a lunch date and there is a hundred percent possibility of removing a wailing baby from his stroller and trotting about? Wear your best!!! Why, what did you think? 😜

So we went out to lunch today, the little boy and his entourage. And going out is no longer what it used to be. Although I am happily posing here with the oversized clutch, a little into my lunch date, I dint know where the clutch was or where anything was for that matter, the little boy demands attention! 

It’s different you know, being out now. There is no excusing yourself to go to the restroom to check yourself in the mirror, there’s no time for such frivolities now. You just have to make do with the assurances you get from your husband. “How do I look honey?” And the answer is always the same and I am amazed at how quick it is too 😉

We had a dreary week around here and so the extra sunshine today was welcomed with open arms. It was the perfect Saturday morning and would have been criminal to stay indoors. The drive to lunch was especially beautiful with greenery all around. There was this most enchanting wooded property we had to pass by. I wish I had it’s pic to share here, but I simply couldn’t peel my eyes off the woods to click a pic, I promise I will have it soon though. I mean, it’s not just green everywhere, but it’s GGGREEEN everywhere. It’s simply the best time of the year!

So here I am wearing this cute little dress from Asos. The wedges are from Charles David and the clutch from Accesorize. The watch is from Daniel Wellington. I opted for little shades of pink instead of black to break away from the insipid black and white tones. Let me know what you think of it and have a beautiful rest of the weekend you all! 

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