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So here’s what I think. I think before my postpartum hormones kick in with greater force and I go completely bald, I must click away as many pics as I can while I am still managing to look okay. And boy! Did I get a reason to click away this weekend!

Ralph Waldo Emerson rightfully said the earth laughs in flowers. The earth and I have a lot in common then, because we both surely laugh a lot, especially during this time of the year. The flowers around my place here had just made me smile until I paid a visit to the beautiful tulips which made me laugh with pure glee.

We visited Holland, the charming old town in Michigan state over the weekend to witness the gorgeous tulip festival which was in full swing. It was tulips tulips everywhere, it seemed like God woke up in an awfully good mood one day and decided to make certain parts of the earth look beautiful. There was color in every corner of the town, there was laughter and chatter in the atmosphere, there was joy and festivity in the air and I am quite sure there was not one sad soul around. It would be beautiful to have all our days like that wouldn’t it? I wish the flowers bloomed everyday of the year and gave us all reasons to smile and be happy always. 

It’s difficult to decide what to wear when you know there will be vibrant colors around you. I decided against anything floral and went for this black blouse from h&m and shorts from Calvin Klein, the watch is from Daniel Wellington. Do let me know what you think of it in the comment section below, so that with your help I may be able to tell my son someday how I always set out to write a fashion blog, but somehow nature and romance almost always got in the way 😉

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