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I think most of you would agree with me, are we all not happier the days we are dressed well. Or is it the other way round? Do we dress better when we are  happier? It must be a bit of both, I cannot imagine being impeccably dressed for dinner when you have had a rotten day or maybe you put on a pretty little something to make up for a hard day. Phew! I cannot decide which it is. 

Either way, I do know that I feel good when I am dressed good. Having a closet full of new stuff keeps me happy for sure. Having new stuff has a bit of a downside too. Now you think I am being insane! Who can imagine a downside to a closet full of new clothes, right?Well let me tell you how. I have this irreversible, unquenchable desire to just wear all the new stuff that I buy as soon as I can. Does anyone relate to that? I have met people who tell me “oh, this was just lying there since ages, I finally put it on today”!!!! Really? How? I mean HOW?

So the point here is, if I haven’t blogged in a few days, you know that it’s because I haven’t shopped! And VOILA! We have a new blog post here, haven’t we😆. Yes, I bought these darling gladiator sandals at target and I hadn’t had a minute’s peace till I took them out to lunch yesterday. Just the footwear is new, my dress had been lying in my closet since ages(after having been worn before of course!!!). The dress is from a Singapore based brand called allure8ight . I had it shipped and the shipping charges weren’t very steep. You already know my sandals are from target and the watch is from Daniel Wellington. And that’s me smiling wide after a sumptuous lunch, content that I have done justice to the pair of beauties☺️☺️. Have a lovely weekend you all!!

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