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It’s a gorgeous day and I don’t think anything, I mean anything can dampen my mood today! I woke up with the cheeriest of cheeriness especially since there was sunlight streaming through our window and I truly believe in starting the day right. 

Saturdays have that effect on me. Don’t you think life is absolutely blissful with Saturdays in them? That feeling when you know there lies a sunny day ahead followed by a lazy Sunday, that feeling, yes, it’s inexplicable. So that’s my thing you know. I get dizzy with happiness when it’s Saturday. That isn’t too bad, is it now?

Now everybody has a thing. I know someone who cannot take a shower without lighting candles, someone who cannot sleep on the right side of the bed, a friend who cannot step out in flip flops no matter how cute they are, someone who cannot begin the day without a cup of coffee(this person will carry a thermos with coffee if the necessity arises). So everybody has a thing, what’s yours? 

It’s little things like these which makes one funny and unique and sets them apart. It’s sometimes the first thing you remember about them even long after they are gone..

So here is a pic of me smiling foolishly for no reason other than it being the best day of the week. I am wearing blouse and jeans from h&m(I love white trousers when it’s cheery outside and inside, there’s something very summery to it). The watch is from Daniel Wellington and shoes from Tommy Hilfiger.

Do let me know your thoughts below and share your story with me, I would love to hear something funny ๐Ÿ˜†. Have a fabulous Saturday, and keep up that smile, things seldom go wrong when you are that happy!!