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Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to be peevish when it’s gloomy outside? Well it’s my perfect excuse for being the the grumpiest person around the block during winters. For someone who just moved from the pretty valleys of Oregon to the concrete jungle of Chicago, being glum during the harsh winters is acceptable! 

Well let’s just say it’s not just the cold which bothers me, there’s something more. It’s the layers that I must simply wear. Now being a petite woman, I can only dream of wearing the long trench coats(I sometimes doubt if they even make trench coats my size, I am almost sure they don’t!). I have struggled through the winter finding the perfect jackets which flatter my small form. Laugh away all you want, but I do think the fashion industry forgets us small women. So imagine my joy when the melancholic winter is left behind and the beautiful spring comes along!! If any of you have read the Anne Shirley classics, you would understand the way I feel. I do agree with the Shirley girl that it’s absolutely okay to go a little crazy when it’s the spring. 

I love the colors, the blossom, the sunny mornings, the late,oh-so-late sun downs. Hailing from a place with its bountiful natural beauty, loving nature comes easy to me and all the trees which grow in my vicinity, I make mine. So this little tree of mine, just outside our window has the most gorgeous blossom right now. 

Now I am thinking I have ranted long enough about nature and it’s beauty, I need to be frank and tell you all what’s it that makes my heart glow besides the blossom outside the window😬. It’s being able to wear light and breezy clothes. Well now, living in Chicago, I cannot switch to light clothes overnight, so folks, let’s take it one day at a time 😜. Here is a pic of me, trying to find the perfect balance, and keeping myself a little warm as it hasn’t gotten that sunny afterall. 

The shoes are from Forever 21, shorts from h&m, sweater from Abercrombie and Fitch, watch from Daniel Wellington and bag from Michael Kors. 

Do let me know your thoughts below and have a superb breezy beautiful bloomy spring you all!!