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WordPress looked new. Has the app been updated recently? Well, maybe not! I wouldn’t know even if it were updated years ago, know why? It’s simply because I haven’t written in years. Well maybe a year, not years! Are you thinking, who does she think she is? That she can come waltzing around any time and then expect us to read her ramblings? No? You genuinely have been wondering what happened to the girl who thought she was a writer and then midway found herself to be a fashion blogger? What’s with this word? Fashion blogger?

My husband sees the hashtag and then asks me, okay I see the hashtag on your pic, but where’s the blog? ( while I give him the eye-roll, I would like to tell you all that’s precisely why I stopped using the word in my posts!) But you know what he’s going to be saying now? ‘Why bring me up in each one of your social media posts?’ Or maybe he will say nothing. The one thing I know from years of marriage is, he has now officially resigned to his fate!

Okay so these past months, I have mostly been a reader. I have read tonnes of books, I have lost a couple of pounds from being a sort of gym freak(someone told me today I look like my son’s sister, which I vehemently believe has nothing to do with being shockingly petite). If a bracket within a bracket were allowed, I would tell you ‘petite’ is the word, you don’t call someone short(and my mathematically enlightened friends, stop telling me a bracket within a bracket is allowed! )

I have also been active on Twitter and instagram. Instagram which took away most of my productive hours in a day while I was refreshing the app to see how many likes and comments I have gathered on a pic and twitter which begins as something you need to read up to have a wholesome awareness, but somehow ends up in a riveting, inexorable division of Bollywood stars being pro or anti government. Now don’t go about telling me it’s only because of the kind of people I follow!

We also did a lavish vacation this year. We went to Spain and Portugal. I should have done a blogpost about these two places ages ago, all I remember now is, what places my boy had a meltdown(yes we were brave enough to vacay with a tot) (vacay being another millennial word I despise, but nevertheless use) and thank goodness the Portuguese eat rice! I did the brackets wrong, din’t I?

So rice, yes, that’s a staple at home and one thing I detest about traveling is not being able to eat rice and rasam. The Portuguese have a delicious rice dish, which is a little garlicky and tastes divine. I did not like the Spanish food, nope I do not like potatoes in my omelette and no I do not eat churros for breakfast, thank you! Apart from these few hiccups, I swear my fealty to the vacation gods is intact. I enjoyed the trip, the colorful streets, the zillion castles and the gazillion Zara stores at every bend of the road(yep, not exaggerating). Zara stores are the most vivid of my memories from the trip and my boy’s fondest memory is miniature kinder joy eggs(which we smartly ensured him were confined only to the Iberian region).

I think I chuckled too loud. It’s almost time for my workout. Speaking of which, I have had a few asking me about my fitness regime. I wish I had a regime I could blog about, but apart from running as if being chased by a dog, I do a bit of weights and nothing elaborate or fancy. Running tires me out, but it also elates me in a way no other regime could. I do come home tired, cranky and sore and all hell breaks lose if my boys as much as utter a word about eating something besides fruits and nuts for breakfast(I mean, hasn’t anyone heard about healthy eating? Am I the only one bothered about eating right and keeping a healthy balance?😜) The spell lasts only until I have a steaming cup of coffee, so we are smart not to wage a war before my kapi time!

So this is me so far! What I have in store for the rest of 2019 is not something I am looking forward to! I have to plow through hundreds of pages of IT books to pass a series of gruelling certification exams. Pity they don’t speak of love, romance or Prada. Okay, hitting the gym now, I have got to concentrate on my arms today. Apart from stealthy peeks to the immediate neighbour’s speed and inclination and wondering what their playlist must be like(it’s a wonder I have lost weight to Jagjit Singh gazals), I do not let my attention waver! Alright then, signing off, cannot let people know I have a son!


When the tooth fairy comes visiting!


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Months! Months since I wrote and months since it’s been cold! They kind of rhyme, don’t they? No? Alright, they don’t! It has been a cold, snowy, messy, dreary winter. I do not have enough adjectives to describe how very depressing it has been, but I am back now and so is the sunshine in my life! No, by sunshine I do not mean my husband, my son or my mom. Of course they have been shining as bright as they can even in the cloudiest of weathers, but I mean the actual sunshine from up there in the sky.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would be surprised by the colorful pics out there! They hardly seem to belong to someone who has been under a dreary, wicked, gloomy spell! But yeah, they do belong to me and nope, they haven’t exactly been reflecting my exact state of mind/mood.  So, if you have been envious, don’t be anymore!

The year 2017 had been pretty awesome. We saw eight new places, two new countries and six new places in the USA. It pretty much seemed like we were either packing or unpacking for most part of the year. But what has 2018 given me so far? Well, let’s see. We had this brunch planned with some of my husband’s old friends from work. I had this pretty new dress on and my new faux-fur jacket(faux-fur is your best shot! Warmth and style don’t otherwise go down very well together). Anyway, so we were driving towards this fancy restaurant with my little one being curious from the carseat behind while I tried to get some makeup on using the car mirror and something goes craaaaack and I realize the gum I have been chewing has engulfed a new friend in its arms, and who should this new friend be, but my poor little tooth who in all earnestness doesn’t seem to be reciprocating the love! So what do you do when you are en-route for lunch at a swanky place with people you want to make a good impression on and all you can offer is a creepy toothless smile?

If the dentist’s offices weren’t closed that fateful weekend, I would have cancelled lunch and gone straight to the reclining chair with the bright probing lights above my head. But as luck would have it, the doctor’s office was closed, my husband and child were dressed for lunch and I heard the constant buzz from hubby’s phone which I concluded could only be messages from friends saying they had arrived at the venue while I sat clutching my dear tooth. It was the most draining lunch of my life. I had to be careful not to smile too wide, which I realized I did not manage too well, when I thought I got a couple of confused glances from the friends’ wives.

Before you contrive a grotesque image of me giving you that toothless grin, before you disdain me for this stupidly ludicrous bit of truth that I have fed you, let me tell you, I did have a very expensive visit to the reclining chair and I did say hello to the incandescent lights above and I came out looking as good as new. While I think this has been my penance for all the pleasure trips I made last year, I hope I have a few good things in store this year too for I do not mind losing a tooth or two later!

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The confessions of a shopaholic!


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Imagine this! A small picturesque town. In it, is everyone who knows everyone. Imagine living here, in a town where your father knows the baker, the banker, the grocer, the chemist and the department store owner. I was the daughter of one such father in one such town, a father who took his family out shopping on special occasions, celebratory days and pay-days. The clothing store though not eclectic in its possessions, was nothing short of a fairyland to me. The store owner who quite conspicuously was also the salesperson, took out attractive boxes of colorful frocks as I imagined away what I would look like in each one of them. My disposition has always been to imagine and to dream and even to this day, I remember what I always wished for when I was a small, scrawny young one! I wished for a house filled with frocks, so I would have a new frock to wear everyday.

Fast-Forward 15-20 years, the dream burns with such keenness that I might as well live in a frock shaped house(only it’s not a frock this time, it might as well be a velvety jumpsuit! I am crazy about anything velvety these days!). As a rule, I normally do not buy anything at full price, but the doorbuster deals pop up ever-so-often that I am shopping almost all year round! Like a boat which has been sailing rudderless in the wild sea, I have been busy this past week, so overwhelmed by the Cyber Week sales, that it drove me mad.

The best idea would have been to have an elaborate plan. To know what to buy, what your wardrobe lacked, what colors to choose, where to go first, how much time to spend at each store. But no, that was simply not to be. You know how you feel when you are famished and crave for your favorite food. But alas, when you are served that food hot and nice, you overeat and all you want to do is throw up? That’s exactly how I am feeling!

So I shopped! I shopped Monday, followed by Tuesday, then Wednesday and ended it Thursday. Shopping alights each one of my senses. It makes me happy, it keeps me content, but the downside is, the feeling lasts only a day. The aftermath of this is a jolt so hard, it almost feels like an excruciating torment. You are mortified the next morning at the number of dresses you bought, you are embarrassed by the delivery truck which makes a stop at your doorstep almost everyday(I mean, what will the delivery man think?), you are outraged by the number of hangers you keep buying at Target and you are ashamed of your hubby’s closet space which keeps shrinking while your own grows enormously large! Phew! What’s happening?

After a week of constantly finding the best deals online, ordering the best outfits, having them delivered, realizing half of them fit wrong, running by the store to have them exchanged, I came to a bitter conclusion. This is crazy and this has got to stop. It wasn’t easy accepting I was wrong. It’s not what I spend(the damned deals are so good that you don’t really spend a lot), but it’s accepting that you don’t need clothes to make you feel good about yourself. I made this confession after an hour of tossing and turning in bed, I confessed to hubby how I felt and how I had deleted each one of the shopping apps on my phone(yeah, I did!). I did get a soothing response(soothing if I choose to ignore the soft chuckle I heard first!). As penance to the damage done, I declared I would only spend time on reading now, almost forgetting books cost money too! So I reckon the only way out of this mess is to borrow books from the nearby library. And you need not feel sorry for me, for as someone once said, It is not so bad to be lost in a fog, for when land comes into view again, you will apprecaite it with a keenness that is denied to those who know nothing but the safety of the shore!

When the mountains come calling…


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Have you ever tried boarding a flight with a toddler? It has its perks, wait, I think it’s perk. The only perk being, boarding right after the business class fliers. The perils however are many. Below are a few:

  • You make acquaintance with strangers who are inquiring to know why your little one hasn’t stopped crying in the past one hour. Is he sick?
  • Your little one holds in the urge to use the washroom till the moment the queue is being formed to board.
  • Once in the washroom, the damned sensor detecting water taps somehow fail to work and you hop on from one tap to another(Well to be fair, this has more to do with me than my toddler, still it’s worth mentioning! I somehow never get the angle right to turn the thing on!)

The sheer unpredictability of our little one’s behavior makes flight travel a volatile affair. We had decided we had had enough trips to last the year, but when the mountains call, you heed.

The Smoky Mountains, at Tennessee became our travel escapade quite unexpectedly. Having already visited and experienced the enchanting mountains once, my hubby’s friends who were home for dinner one night, couldn’t stop raving about the beauty of the mountains. I do not know if it was too much wine or too little patience, we had our flight booked before we called it a night.

A couple of hours’ drive from the airport, we reached our quaint little cabin at Gatlinburg. This cabin, without a doubt was the best part of our vacation. Perched atop a steep, curvy pathway, secluded from all the hum-drums of the busy town and thronging crowds, surrounded by lush green on all four sides, this little beauty sat waiting for us with such adorable simplicity and welcoming air, that I lost my heart to it at its very doorstep. We were overjoyed to find that the interior of the cabin was as heart warming as its outward appearance. With spotlessly clean, snug rooms and thoughtful knick-knacks at every corner, we were definitely right at home from the very beginning.

After a good night’s sleep and a sumptuous breakfast at a local pancake cafe(the place is overflowing with pancake cafes), we set out the next morning to explore the town of Gatlinburg. This town is surrounded by breathtaking mountains on all sides. The town is lively with numerous cafes, restaurants and shopping places. There are also a number of attractions for small children. You may need two days just to explore this town if you are traveling with children. Since our boy is way too small to witness much of the attractions or to be a part of the scary rides the town has to offer, we got away with an old McDonald farm at Pigeon Forge that he was content with. After the farm visit, we did the cable car ride which takes you up to the mountain top to feast your eyes on the magnificent mountain range, binge on some lovely homemade ice creams and brings you down safe to the town of Gatlinburg. We got so caught up with the cable car ride and planning dinner for the evening that we lost all track of time. We also forgot a certain warning we had received about being careful around our cabin since it was frequented by bears. With this warning now looming largely over our heads, we gulped down multiple cups of hot tea for fortification and made our way back to the cabin. Once parked outside the cabin, we had an awkward moment when nobody wanted to get off the car! We somehow mustered enough courage to hop into our haven safely(I did manage one too many glances over my shoulder). Now at this point one would think the worst is over, but no, not when you have a scatterbrain in tow. In a hurry to get in safely, I had forgotten my little one’s sippy cup in the car and my LO has never gone to bed without a swig from his bottle, ever. Period! I am sure there have been moments in our marriage when hubs has had to remind himself why exactly he married me, and if there have been, this one surely topped the list. Let’s just leave it to that.

We spent the next day driving through the dreamy roads, spotting elks and rare birds along. We also were very fortunate to encounter a bear and her tiny cub from the sanctuary of our van. Having had a relaxed three days stay from our monotonous everyday lives, we were already feeling refreshed. It was hard saying goodbye to our sweet little abode for the duration. Having made sure the cabin was securely locked for the next lucky guests to occupy, I couldn’t help looking back as we drove away. As the cabin got smaller and smaller and the mountains loomed large, my parting thoughts were, if mountains could talk, they would whisper verses of love!

Sharing some pics of the cabin:

 I especially loved the attention to detail with respect to the switchboards 

 And now for some Smokies


Hope you enjoyed reading, have a nice evening you all!









 What happens in Vegas…


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You know what life is all about? I may not be the right person to provide you with insights on the secret wonders of life, but like everyone, I have my perspective on life. I think life is a mixed bag of laughter and some tears, some contentment and some greed, some sobriety and some ecstasy. Now you are just being rude! You are thinking, that’s no Einstein formula, we don’t need her to tell us that about life! You are right, but the reason I tell you this is because nobody has a perfect life. What I share on my blogs and my instagram account are just some glorious snippets of my life. We humans are a peculiar race. While we tend to share and declare our happiness to the world, we often falter from sharing the unpleasantaries that life has to offer. I am no different! 

While I have this Eureka moment at 2 am in the morning, I wonder why I am not asleep like the rest of the world(or atleast part of the world) and I comfort myself by thinking sleeping anyway is an utter waste of one’s time! There are so many things you could do if you never slept. You could read, write, watch all those splendid Netflix movies which you somehow never find the time for during the day. 

Oh wait!  There could be a teeny tiny possibility I am awake because I have been awake most nights this past week touring the sin city! Yeah, that seems right. We went to Las Vegas and I have been breaking my head on whether I should blog about Vegas at all. You ask me why? Oh you know, for what happens in Vegas kind of stays in Vegas, doesn’t it? Yeah, that’s lame, I know! 

Las Vegas is a sin city in every way possible. It makes you writhe in guilt for having had too much fun, having spent too much money on gambling and having had too many martinis and margaritas. You enter the city a saint and somehow through no fault of your own, leave the city a sinner! 

With most windows in the city giving you splendid views of almost any part of the world including Paris and New York, one would not really care about not visiting these places for real. Being in Vegas somehow suffices! But we all agree Vegas isn’t Vegas for the views. However though,  the pompous luxury hotels, the eiffel tower, the extravagantly lit bright lights, the joyously dancing fountains are sights you wouldn’t dare to ignore.

I truly believe our vacation turned out so much better since we went with our best friends. We walked the streets of Vegas by the day, we watched the lovely fountains of Bellagio which go splashing and splyaing every half hour after 3 pm, by night we watched a couple of spectacular shows, we gambled a little and went clubbing a little, had trouble sleeping before 4am every night. It somehow felt wrong to be sleeping while the city was jubiliant and celebrating life.

Agreed you need not be good while in Vegas, but you can’t be so bad as to miss a tour to the Grand Canyon while you are there. So we went to the beautiful, spell-binding Grand Canyon. While the journey to the Canyon was tiring and lengthy, the end result was so fruitful. To witness such a beautiful natural wonder which one has a hard time believing isn’t man-made was wonderful. The colors of the magnificent structure are so beautiful and the terrain so intricate and yet so raw that one could gaze at it endlessly. This tour took us an entire day and we returned to our hotel drained and tired, but apparently not tired enough to pass a visit to the casino downstairs😬

You know, if you look at me closely, it is impossible to miss the outline of a halo around my head. I am quite the angel. The sweet little angel in me had me making declarations a week prior to the tour. I declared to my Mr. that Vegas wasn’t my kind of a city and I wouldn’t know what to do there. I hope we never have a conversation on who had more fun, who gambled more and who had more martinis. Forgive me god, for I have sinned 😜

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Sending some pixie dust your way!


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Birthdays and anniversaries have always been a big deal in our household. We make quite a big fuss about them. As our baby turned two this past week, what was constantly on our minds was how we would celebrate his birthday, especially since he knew the Happy Birthday song word-to-word and wouldn’t and couldn’t stop singing the moment he set his eyes on a cake or a candle or a lighter. The glee in his eyes was infectious and his smile quite an epidemic! It had to be special this time and it had to be about him completely, okay, maybe not completely, but it had to be about him in a big way(can you blame me if I enjoyed the “special celebration” as much as he did?)

We had to choose between a celebration at home with some special friends or a get-away vacation. After a great deal of listing out the pros and cons of both options, we decided on the latter. The result was quite a landslide victory, mind you! This might have been partly because of where we decided to go. The party venue was quite simply, DisneyWorld, Florida.

Now this is the point at which I am confused about the kind of blog this has to be. I do not know at this point if I must be a travel blogger or a life blogger. I will try my best to be a bit of both. The cons of a vacation at Florida with a toddler are plenty. The ones topping the list being the humidity at this time of the year and the rides you may not be able to enjoy because your toddler is too young or doesn’t meet the height limit. These being the major bottlenecks, we decided to laboriously dig in for more information for a fool-proof itinerary. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Disney has a lot to offer for preschoolers and the experience may actually be as good as visiting without a baby, if not better! And as for the humidity,  there was pretty much nothing we could do about it. We did try to stay cool by buying one of those very cute misty fans at the theme park(a very small handheld fan into which you fill water so when the air blows, it’s not just air, but it’s misty air,tada!!) and I also think we spent more on water bottles than we did on meals. Save for these minor hiccups, our vacation was nothing short of a dream come true. We had made reservations at one  of the Disney resorts for our stay, which makes your vacation quite pleasurable with free pick-up and drop off from the airport and also offers innumerable rides to the theme parks from your hotel and back. 

We mainly tried to complete two theme parks in three days. We did the Animal Kingdom and the Magic Kingdom. While I enjoyed the Animal Kingdom more, I have a feeling hubs and Kiddo enjoyed the other better. The Kilimanjaro Safari was a clear winner at the Animal Kingdom, while the Magic Kingdom has numerous rides which would have to tussle for the winning place. Needless to say, what’s to be etched in our memories for a very long time, is the beautiful Cinderella castle which stands tall and looms gracefully from most crevices and corners at the Magic Kingdom.

While kiddo loved meeting Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, we enjoyed some of the spectacular shows Disney had to offer. We did also manage to sneak into a couple scary rides while little one took his afternoon naps. We took turns although I admit I let hubby go first with the pretence of being there for the baby if he ever woke, too ashamed to admit I was being quite the wuss. Apart from the theme parks, DisneyWorld has the beautiful “Disney Springs” which is a place for fashion and recreation. With beautiful boutiques and high-end stores, the place is colorful and vibrant with live music and throngs of very fashionably dressed people enjoying cold beers or an evening stroll. We managed to be here two days in a row, trying to rest our sore feet  with drinks and sumptuous dinner both the days. We also ordered lo’s birthday cake from a lovely French patisserie here, but you will have to see the pic of the beautiful Mickey Character cake to believe how cute it was. The packaging of the cake was so delicate and tasteful that I insisted on holding the package all the way to the room just because I felt quite elegant holding it!

Since we have treaded into my narcissistic territory, I thought I might also tell you a little about what I wore best. I wore this cute little off-shoulder dress with smocked neck finish from Abercrombie and Fitch. 

The tassel earrings being at the helm of fashion must-haves this season, were exorbitantly priced at baublebar, so I just found their cheaper version on Amazon. These red tassels fetched me quite a few compliments and I teamed them with the red bag from Zara. The adorable shoes I am wearing  are also from Zara. Since I have ranted on for quite a few pages, I do think it’s time to stop now. As they say in Disney, I hope you all have a magical week ahead(anybody find that cheesy? Found it annoying when lo was crying hoarse and this store keeper asked me to have a magical evening 🙈)

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Spring, you big show off!


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What is the toughest thing you have had to do as part of growing up? It has been a while since my growing up stopped and growing old began, but THAT is not important now and neither is this that kind of a post! For me, the toughest battle has been making my own decisions. I am bad at that. There have been very few instances in my life where I have been positively sure of what I have wanted for myself without having had to grapple my way around.

Having been a member of the poetry and story writing club at school, I did enjoy writing occasionally, but as it happens, the idea to start blogging itself was not my decision. It has been a year since I started “Butterflies in my Corset” and I recently hit a thousand views, which may not be a momentous event for a few of you out there with perhaps a thousand views on an everyday basis, but believe me when I say, I had trouble sleeping that night, had the most glorious dreams when I  finally managed to doze off and woke up with the biggest smile the following morning. You will not believe the extent of torture my hubs has had to go through on account of my writing. Let’s just say each view on my stat record was followed by a phone call to hubs who desperately tried to convince me that it was not him who has been reading my blogs!

It was hard for me to believe anybody would be interested in reading my ramblings, which sometimes is too full of the weather, the flowers and  romantic nonsense(that’s just citing your opinion). Speaking of which, I keep seeing these beautiful “spring” posts and most of them usually read something like “It’s amazing how I never noticed how beautiful it has been outside” or “we never really appreciate the beauty of spring”. Frankly, I have had trouble appreciating anything else!

Although we still have cold breezy evenings, with the winter behaving like a jilted lover, refusing to fade away completely, I believe they(winter and spring) parted amicably. The world outside has been a burst of colours and taking those long walks are becoming quite a dreamy affair! Have you had trouble noticing the dry ponds fill up or the streams becoming more flowy and gurgly (yeah, they are a bunch of words I just made up). Have you had trouble noticing how the trees outside have bowed down with the sheer weight of the flowers and leaves? If you have taken no notice of these simple pleasures life has to offer, you would probably get along very well with my husband, who couldn’t care less if the trees outside turned pink, purple or even black, as long as the sun came up and didn’t forget to go down at the end of the day.

As it happens, we got into this discussion(hubs and I). He failed to understand what the big deal was. So the world outside is lush, the trees are bloomy, big deal!! I tried to talk some sense into him. This is what I said! Imagine you buy this beautiful pair of shoes or this gorgeous shirt which makes you look your handsomest! You get up excited in the morning, wanting to look your best. You put on all your new stuff, shave off your stubble carefully, splash on your best aftershave, dab on your favourite perfume but not one person notices anything new? Not one person appreciates it(not even your wife 😜). That’s perhaps how it is when the world outside offers you an endless season of beauty and you fail to notice the change. But hey, this is just my perspective. I am quite a promiscuous appreciator of beauty and nature. The next time you see me going crazy will be around fall, but who knows, all you steady minded non-appreciators may not even notice it 😜

My favourite spring pics below, have a look and dare to tell me they are not pretty!

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The Holiday that was!


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Roll your eyes all you want, but even an amateurish writer like me needs to be inspired to write. And today was an inspiration. It was the perfect dreamy day, with a light drizzle. The right kind of springy day with the leaves deciding they have waited long enough to shoot out. The day has however turned into night and I found my inspiration wavering when I decided I could be a writer later, what I needed most was sleep. So sleep we did, all day, mom and son blissfully unaware of the thunder rumbling, rain pouring and Daddy dear creeping in from a hard day at work.
All the way home from London, I kept thinking how I have tasted the forbidden fruit and how difficult it now must be to get back to a life of normalcy knowing there is a place far far away which is even better than I ever dreamed of. For once, I have so many emotions I want to write about, but know not how to begin. These past ten days have been absolutely glorious and so much more fun than I had fathomed. Our boy was at his best behavior and the sun shone most days as if it knew how much it meant for us to have that perfect holiday.
London to me seemed like a city at celebration. A city so classy and old and big, I definitely anticipated it to be busy, but the vibrance of the city took my breath away. While parts of the city seemed to be celebrating the past with its majestic beautiful architecture, certain other seemed to be celebrating the current season with its modern yet beautiful buildings and structures. The new and old blend beautifully and no matter where you go, there are throngs of people trying to get a glimpse of good old London, the city which has something to offer for everyone. 
Often enough, we have heard of the phrase opposites attract and in most cases this is used keeping in mind certain couples who get along like a house on fire despite the different tastes and ideas and interests they share. We are NOT one such couple! We have the same tastes, the same interests, same opinions. While I sometimes think I have been lucky enough to marry my soulmate, there are days when he drives me crazy and I cannot believe I married someone who gives me the perfect reason to believe that football perhaps is far more important in this household than I am. While I have made my peace with it and moved on, I cannot shrug off the feeling that I am turning into quite an Arsenal fan myself and I almost loathed myself for wanting to go to an Arsenal match at the Emirates stadium(Couples who live together do sometimes look and behave similar!). We were however skeptical about taking our toddler to the stadium(it didn’t help that our LO says Arseeenall the moment he sees the logo). Mum and son went to Oxford street with a good friend while Daddy watched Arsenal draw with ManCity. Oxford street offered sights which one may otherwise only witness at a fashion week ramp. No matter what other parts of London celebrate, Oxford street definitely celebrates fashion and nothing but fashion.
To be in London and not do the hop-on/hop-off bus tour is unthinkable. The bus tour was my favorite part of the holiday since it took us to places I had always wanted to visit. The Big Ben and St.Paul’s Cathedral were some of my favorite tours. After four days in London, we moved on to witness the beauty of Edinburgh. While hubby was still dazed from the disbelief of having watched Mr. Wenger at the stadium, I allowed myself to be blown away by the picturesque city. Not knowing where to look and what sights to capture on camera, we just walked and walked, feasting our eyes on the beautiful castle, the lovely landscape, the grey looming towers. If London had made my heart ache with its prettiness, Edinburgh had it pounding.
We finished our ten day tour with a relaxed stay at the Cotswolds. A quintessential part of rural England, the Cotswolds charms all with it’s pretty little stone cottages, the colorful landscapes, the lazily flowing streams, the grazing cattle and it’s pure unspoiled ways. We were lucky to have had our accommodation booking at one of the best inns in the area and I am honest when I say I have never tasted cheese so good or meals so tasty ever before. The snug little inn had the coziest rooms, the most charming dining area and such a welcoming atmosphere. One of the highlights of our stay here was a visit to Shakespeare’s birthplace at Stratford-upon-avon with his home of birth standing proud boasting of its notoriously famous occupant, putting the rest of the houses beside it to shame. 
I do not know if it was too much Shakespeare or too much Ale, our journey back to the inn has definitely been the most unforgettable part of our holiday. Having had our rental car break down, we boarded one of the non-frequent village buses to take us half way through to our inn. About an hour of having boarded off from the bus, we realized we had left our bag with both our phones and ipad on the bus. Left almost technologically handicapped, we turned to the nearest library for help. We will never forget the good old librarians who helped us track the bus route even when it was almost past the library closing time. I will not deny that I had floating images of a certain new red phone making its way into my heart while we waited with bated breath for the bus to return on it’s last ride for the day. But alas, my dream of a brand new phone was shattered when the driver with a glint in his eye, reached out to hand over the bag safely tucked beneath his seat. This little gesture from the old ladies at the library and the driver gave the perfect finishing touches to our perfect little holiday.
Cotswold with it’s unspoiled ways won our hearts and I ended the day slipping a little Thank You note to the old ladies at the library beneath the door. It’s usually not so much how beautiful a place is, it’s how the people are.

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Shakespeare’s birthplace 

Our holiday inn

London Dreams.


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Okay, give this a thought. Have you ever noticed the circumstances under which you set yourself certain rules, resolutions to abide by? Aren’t they mostly when you are overtly overzealous or when you are miserably underwhelmed? Seriously, think about it. You are happy, happy that something you dreamt of came true. What do you do next? You make up your mind to do better, you dare to dream bigger, you let your docile self be pulled into a world of happy dreams and before you know it, you are working hard, playing by the rules you subconsciously set. What if unfortunately it has not been your day or even your week/month? You are a complete mess and desperately want a way out? Even when you are depressed and lying somewhere in a drunken stupor, you may decide to put an end to the misery and strive for a better future, thinking to yourself that things can only get better now, the worst is over. You make a plan, you play by the rules, you dream, you dream big.

We all have dreams, big and small. While a few may remain unfulfilled and broken, a few dreams do come true. I have always been one to dream and have always had trouble letting go of dreams I nurtured, cherished and lovingly held close to my heart. 

Sometimes the dream is so alluring that you set pretty unrealistic rules and  you have a hard time relenting to its failure to conjure. Not too long ago, I set myself such rules too. The dream of having the perfect toddler was too hard to resist. I set rules upon rules. A rule never to play video rhymes, a rule never to bribe him into eating, a rule never to scare him into eating. Our little tyke enjoys his YouTube time so much that I never have the heart to say No to him especially when it makes him sway to his own version of eee-ya-eeeya-ooo. I am also sligtly guilty of how our little one is a tad scared of the vacuum cleaner and how the closet door holding this vacuum cleaner is always slightly ajar right around lunch time!! So many rules broken! Yet, you don’t feel so bad when such dreams don’t really come true, because somewhere along, you always knew these rules were meant to be so.

There was this dream though! A dream to visit this land far far away. This land of love, class and so much history. The land of Jane Austen. To experience the romanticism of romance itself, to walk through the pretty streets where the favorite characters from my books were seemingly once drawn by carriages. To experience the wuthering grey weather, to visit the abbeys, the towers, the cathedrals. These were the dreams, my London Dreams. Needless to say, I had rules here too. To remain undaunted until fulfilled. A rule to have the first big flight abroad to London and nowhere else. I did realize this dream half way through when my flight to the USA had me transit via London, but I am sure you would agree it’s not the same thing 🙈.Today though, my one big tease of a dream is on the brink of being fulfilled. I am not one who usually posts of a travel even before it begins, but what the heck, I am not one who usually goes to London either!

A very happy OOTD with my boarding pass being the main focus here. For those of you wondering, I am not traveling alone. It’s just that I couldn’t lay my hands on Hubby’s pass. I am choosing to be oblivious of a very fascinating cringe fest he is currently attending. It’s not my fault I wasnt invited! 

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Love,Love and more Love.


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Guilty!! Extremely shamefully guilty of neglecting my writing. This is my first post of the year! I have been so busy and so occupied. Do they mean the same thing? It has been one crazy month. My little one has gotten naughtier and I have gotten to be a busier mum. Parenting is hard at times. It can be exhausting being on the watch constantly. I have been yearning some free time, so much that my mind just wandered tonight while I was fixing us some dinner. I let myself wander through the familiar streets of my hometown, smelling the familiar smells from mum’s kitchen only to realise hours later that the dish with my veggies lay on the kitchen counter untouched,uncooked while I opened my pressure cooker to a dish of just water in it! No kidding! 

This past month has been monotonous. Hubby has been away a lot and little one and I have been keeping each other company which has been a trying experience. I have often in this past month thought to myself if I can be medically declared sane. We so often just go with the flow and forget to stop and think if we are doing the right thing, if we are making a difference. No matter how monotonous, it’s important to show we care!

Something funny happened since I last wrote. We were up for an annual health check-up and I got some regular tests done. When it comes to doctors, I must admit, I turn quite reverential. I become quite timid and squeaky. Let’s just say it’s out of respect and NOT fear, mind you! But come on, what kind of a doctor says see you soon at the end of a Pap test?  It might just be a monotonous day for her, but come on!! Some people are really really nervous. I kept replaying the ‘see you soon’ tone in my mind to try and figure if it was a habitual end to the conversation or if there was something unsavory about my test. It was one of the toughest weeks I have had in my life. Every beep of the new  mail in the inbox sent a cold shiver down my spine. 

Speaking of monotone, it’s good to sometimes break away from it. Don’t you think? I have been in a never ending debate with myself trying to decide if breaking away from the monotone would make one a phony? What do you think of it? Let me tell you how. I am all about embracing the change, but would you like a change you weren’t really comfortable with? 

Now just wait and watch how I relate this theory to my wardrobe😂. I can never pretend to be comfortable in something I don’t believe in. I am not the leather jacket type you know! I never was until I laid my eyes on this beautiful BLANKNYC leather jacket. I had it on my wishlist for so long that I could win an award for a product to be on a wishlist for the longest duration ever, if there ever was one such category. I finally caved in and bought me this beauty. And what do you know? There’s absolutely no phoniness while I have it on. I mean, I would like to think I ooze out the edgy vibe even while I have it on with my seat belt safely secured(leather jacket doesn’t always have to mean carefree and irresponsible). 

Anyway, I have had it on a couple of times, but haven’t got the perfect pic yet for an ootd post. Promise to have it by this weekend. Looking forward to a warm cozy weekend, while we waltz towards a lovey dovey love week. Happy Valentine week ahead lovelies!! Hope you all have abundant love in your lives, because love alone is as real as it is intangible.

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